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The Best Version of Silver Hair

Silver hair is inevitable, even if you argue that hair colouring makes it avoidable it’s right there underneath the colour.  Genetics have a great deal of responsibility for at what point in our lives our hair will begin to turn grey and the road to silver may be long  or short.

One thing’s for sure, the road won’t be even for most people. There’ll be patches or streaks of different shades of grey, reddish tinges are common as brown pigments become less intense.

Most men choose to ignore the advances of grey on the way to becoming silver-haired.  Richard Gere has made a career from acting as a succession of dapper, charming grey-haired men – credit where it’s due though, his hair doesn’t do any of the acting for him.

Women, however, have traditionally been perceived as too old once grey creeps in.  ‘Too old for what?’ you may ask.  It probably has a lot to do with a woman providing a man with a son and heir – so only slightly outdated thinking.

It’s a double standard that has no place in any society and as more people realise this there are less women fighting a losing battle against grey.  The biggest problem has been the uneven greying that leaves patches of colour in odd places.

The increasingly popular solution is to see a professional hairdresser and have the coloured patches blended to match the grey.  It’s a much easier process than battling against an expanding expanse of unstoppable grey.  A shorter cut can be used as a starting point to the process by cutting out more of the darker ends.

The route to silver seems to have been flipped end over end and, as colourists have access to ever-improving technology, this means that people facing greying hair and a silver conclusion as pigments finally fade will be able to age with style.

The recent trends of younger people having their hair dyed grey and silver show how much recognition is being given to the elegance of silver hair.

Of course, most people eventually end up with white hair, which is the time to tell people that you’ve decided to ‘go Arctic Blonde’.