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When listing their most important facial features most people probably won’t score eyebrows as being at the top of the list – that’s usually left for eyes or teeth. To help you appreciate your eyebrows we’ve listed the top reasons why you should give your eyebrows a little more consideration.

(1) Protection for your eyes

Eyebrows perform a really important filtering function for your eyes. They filter out dust, dirt, sweat and all the other things that would otherwise cause sore eyes and make your eyes stream from irritation.

(2) Facial recognition

Studies have shown that eyebrows that are really important for facial recognition. An MIT study by the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that you are more likely not to be recognised by others if your eyebrows are missing than if you didn’t have your eyes.

(3) Expression

It’s not all about the eyes – eyebrows are a key part of facial expressions and of non-verbal communication. Think about how we scrunch our eyebrows when we are confused or raise them when we are surprised.

For this reason, people communicating by sign language use their eyebrows to complement hand movements.

Cosmetic surgery is often criticised for the fact that it can “freeze” the eyebrow area so that it remains static and expressionless.

(4) Help make you look younger

Youth is associated with balance and symmetry so if your eyebrows are properly shaped and groomed to complement your face shape they will make you look younger.

(5) Update/change your appearance 

Your eyebrows frame your face and, if they are well cared for and properly shaped, they can actually change the way you look.

(6) Hide your lack of sleep

Yes, seriously. Properly shaped eyebrow can make your eyes appear more open and alert and make it look as though you’ve had a full 8 hours sleep even when you haven’t!

(7) Show the world that you care about yourself

Unkempt eyebrows and unibrows can make people think that you don’t really care about grooming yourself.

That’s why it’s important to set aside some grooming time to care for your eyebrows