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Many of us will be looking forward to nicer weather coming around – thankfully, the cold snap certainly seems to be behind us!  However, while we can expect wind and rain in various amounts thanks to the old British standard, good and bad weather can both affect your skin unless you take precaution.  We’re not just talking about sunblock here – but that is of course a worthwhile purchase!

Heat and cold both have various effects upon our skin – we need to keep our bodies hydrated across the nicer months of the year, particularly as our skin is at risk from drying and chapping unless we introduce natural moisture into our routine.  This, of course, means ensuring that we eat balanced diets, dress appropriately for the weather, and make sure that we drink plenty of water – this last one is golden!

Skin care goes far beyond the creams and potions we purchase from the shops – natural causes of skin damage such as hard water, cold wind and even prolonged heat (coming back to our point about the sunblock) need to be counteracted with sensible lifestyle choices, healthy diets and conscious care.  While moisturising creams, gels and lotions will certainly do their best to ensure that your skin looks great and that it healthily combats all that nature has to throw at it, you need to make sure that you have the lifestyle to balance them.

We’re not saying don’t enjoy the good weather!  The sun is here to be enjoyed and if this means going out for a sunbathe or two, just make sure you keep hydrated, and that you have plenty of sunblock to hand.  Just make sure that you take care this (British) summer – come wind, come rain, come shine!