Kiy-Oshi Agents


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What is a Kiy-Oshi Representative?

A Kiy-Oshi Representative earns money by selling Kiy-Oshi products to others – your customers.

What’s in it for me?

You get to earn money and run your own business.

How does it work?

You buy Kiy-Oshi products at the discounted Kiy-Oshi Representative Price and then sell them to your customers as a higher Recommended Retail Price. This means that the more you sell, the more money you make.

Where can I find the discounted Kiy-Oshi Representative Price?

Please email us on

How do I become a Kiy-Oshi Representative?

You can become a Kiy-Oshi Representative by filling in the Kiy-Oshi Representative Application Form – please email us on

How long does it take to become a Kiy-Oshi Representative?

We usually let you know whether your application to become a Kiy-Oshi Representative has been successful within 2 weeks.

Once you’re approved you’ll get a special code to use on the Kiy-Oshi Website – this will mean that you only pay the Kiy-Oshi Representative Price for Kiy-Oshi Products.

This special code is unique to you so it can only be used by you or someone on your behalf.

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What are the terms and conditions of being a Kiy-Oshi Representative?

As part of theKiy-Oshi Representative Application Form you agree to the terms of the Kiy-Oshi Representative Agreement which comes with the Kiy-Oshi Representative Application Form.

How many Kiy-Oshi products do I need to buy?

To buy products at the discounted Kiy-Oshi Representative Price

–          your first order must be least 5 Kiy-Oshi Products (each product is 1 unit)

–          after that, you need to order at least 10 units in each calendar month

You can mix and match Kiy-Oshi Products so you don’t have to, for example order 5 eyebrow enhancer serums., you can mix the unit type to suit your chosen market.

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How many Kiy-Oshi products do I need to sell?

It’s up to you but remember that the more Kiy-Oshi Products that you sell, the more money you make.

Do you offer sale or return?

Yes, if you buy Kiy-Oshi products you can return unsold Kiy-Oshi Products to us within 3 calendar months after the date of the order you placed to buy those Kiy-Oshi Products provided you return them to us in a saleable good condition.

What happens if a Kiy-Oshi product is faulty?

We replace any faulty Kiy-Oshi product – please email us at

What happens if there’s a problem?

You can get support by emailing us at

What if I want to end the agreement?

Just email or write to us by post giving us 30 days notice.

Am I an employee of Kiy-Oshi?

Absolutely not and the Kiy-Oshi Representative Agreement makes this clear. You are your own boss – running your own business.

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How much can I make?

For examples of the profit which you might make please email us at