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We’ve all seen the adverts and the promotions – many supermarket and pharmacy creams do really make a difference to the way our skin is hydrated and moisturised.  However, too many of us take these for granted – you can’t expect to have radiant, perfect skin simply by applying the odd layer of cream amid a diet of crisps and chocolate!  Treating yourself is healthy – but to look great on the outside, you are going to need to make sure that you respect your body’s insides, too.

Believe it or not, the majority of our bodies consist of water.  This means that, to stay hydrated and healthy, we need to drink plenty of it!  Naturally healthy-looking skin is promoted by a regular intake of water each day – pure water, unfettered by sugar and added fizz!  On top of this, while you may have heard it all before, fruit and vegetables work wonders for beautiful-looking skin – while you may be encouraged to take on five a day wherever you can, try not to count!  After just a few weeks of increasing your intake of fruit, vegetables and water – replacing anything artificial wherever you can – you will see the difference in your own skin.  It’s amazing how nutrition works – so let’s make the most of it!

We all have our weaknesses – wine, chocolate and other goodies – those of us looking for healthy bodies and naturally healthy skin need to start thinking about setting aside these treats for a special time of the week.  Try and introduce more fruit, veg and pure water into your diet but don’t deny yourself those treat days – and we’re certain that you’ll see the difference in your own skin in no time at all.  Try and make a few dietary adjustments and see how you fare!