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Let’s face it – those of us of a certain age have made peace with the fact that our skin changes as we get older.  But how many of us know how to keep our skin looking healthy and vital without resorting to expensive lotions and potions?  You don’t need to fill your basket full of chemically-enhanced topical cream every time you visit the shops – there are much cheaper, and far more natural ways to make sure that your skin is healthy and full of life, and all it takes is a few tweaks to your daily intake!

Healthy and naturally glowing skin is no secret – there’s no special pill you need to mortgage your house for to buy – you simply need to focus on what you eat, what you drink, and what you put on your body.  A healthy diet is absolutely a priority for your wellbeing – and for your skin, food and vegetables rich in Vitamins C and E will boost that seemingly elusive glow.  This means making room for fruit such as oranges and strawberries, nuts, seeds and almonds, and even the odd sprig of broccoli – your diet shines through you.

You should also consider how much water you drink.  Healthy skin is hydrated – after all, it is made up of good old h20 in the majority – and if you’re drinking any less than around eight glasses per day, your skin may be missing out on its healthy potential.  If you drink plenty of tea or coffee in the day or wine in the evening, think about swapping out a cup or glass or two for plain, unsweetened water – you’ll be surprised how good you feel generally if you simply drink a little more.

Finally, let’s talk about creams.  There’s a market full of ‘expert recommended’ brands and various ointments that all argue that they are the best at hiding blemishes or moisturising – but the simple answer is, the more chemicals there are in a product, the more likely it is that they will dry you out or even cause soreness in the long run.  Natural or almost-natural creams, lotions and bathing products are available from high street stores and they’re often a fraction of the cost of your big name brands – why not swap a few items out of your toiletry bag for a week and see how you get on?

Everyone’s skin is slightly different, of course, but the facts stand!  Drink plenty, eat sensibly and avoid chemicals as far as you can – and you’ll be well on the road to healthy, great-looking skin at very little expense.